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Welcome to the ecompanion

Your complete planning and Professional Development resource

21st Century Skills are fundamental to the success of each and every student.

  • 21st Century Skills start with critical and creative thinking and co-operative learning in ALL classrooms;
  • 21st Century Classrooms start with innovative lesson plans; and
  • 21st Century Lesson Plans start with you, the 21st Century Teacher.

 "It’s the teaching that makes the difference".

We know you are a 21st Century Teacher. You’re on-line, and you’re into thinking skills. By using this resource you now have the ability to plan all aspects of your timetable, school schedule and each of your lessons on-line. The ecompanion makes incorporating thinking skills into each and every lesson plan extremely simple. If you’re not confident in the thinking skills area, don’t worry. The ecompanion is a Professional Development resource that provides practical and interactive information on how to develop 21st Century Skills in your classroom today.

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The Diary

Personalise all elements of your timetable, including:

  • School periods, subjects and classes
  • Assessment dates, excursions and other school events
  • Daily and weekly views
diary screenshot

The Lesson Planner

  • Plan your lessons quickly and easily
  • Incorporate Thinking Skills into your lessons with the click of a mouse
  • Build a Lesson Portfolio, organising lessons within specific subjects or year levels
  • Share your lesson plans with colleagues
  • Use writable templates to integrate cognitive thinking tools into your classroom
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Professional Development

Become a 21st Century teacher:

  • View 2-3 minute videos of 21 Thinking Tools being used in a real classroom environment
  • Transfer this practice into your own classroom by selecting these Tools when using your Lesson Planner
  • Reflect on your practice, and modify your lessons for next time
  • Infusing critical, creative and co-operative learning into all of your lessons is made so easy!
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